At the end of the summer, from 25 to 28 August, jazz music will be played again in Lūznava manor of Rēzekne municipality - for the third time the Baltic Jazz Festival “Škiuņa džezs” (The Shed Jazz) will take place, marking it as an enduring tradition in the annual calendar of Latgale cultural events. Although the restrictions due to the pandemic could introduce some changes, the organizing team has prepared a diverse program with the participation of musicians from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, and France, looking forward to the opportunity to experience all events in person.

This year the festival program will feature concert programs prepared not only by jazz musicians and groups from the Baltic States, but also from the United States and France. On August 25, the festival will be opened by Latgale's young jazz musicians, who have grown up with the festival - Trio Lipskis/ Justs/ Arbidāns. At the end of the last year, the association's debut mini-album “Taids džezs” was released, but this spring the composition “Oki, nalej, leiteņ” was included in the selection “Jazz in Latvia 2021”.

August 27 will be a day devoted to the festival guests: "David Chevallier Trio" (France) will present the French folk jazz program, Lauris Amantovs' Quartet’s and Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse's joint project will present the program of the album “Katram sava tautasdziesma” that was released in March of this year , the harmonies and improvisation of  American jazz traditions rooted in R&B, swing, hip-hop and traditional Haitian music style will intertwine in the program of “The Ciel Experience” (USA).

On Saturday, August 28, the day program will feature the performances of the festival master classes. In the evening, modern and academic jazz will merge in the performance of “Kęstutis Vaiginis Quartet" (Lithuania). As well, the evening program will introduce group of Estonian and Armenian musicians "Shabat Quartet”, whose repertoire includes Armenian and Jewish folk music arrangements along with the original pieces. The closing program of the festival will be traditionally taken care of by the Rēzekne Big Band, which will be joined by the teachers of the festival master classes - jazz singer Vita Rusaityte (LT), percussionist Artis Orubs (LV), saxophonist Kęstutis Vaiginis (LT), jazz guitarist Jaan Janson EE), and double bassist Ara Yaralyan (EE).

An integral part of the festival will be the jam sessions held every night, where both master class participants and teachers will play music together. The festival tickets will be available at "Biļešu Paradīze" box offices and on the Internet from June 1, the number of seats in the concerts are limited, the jam sessions are free for visitors.

The aim of the festival has remained the same - to promote interest in jazz music, to encourage cooperation of becoming and existing jazz musicians, as well as to continue to experience the joy of jazz music in Latgale. Therefore, until June 25, jazz music lovers - students of music schools and academies, young musicians and other interested persons - are invited to apply for the festival master classes, where it will be possible to improve professional experience with teachers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the USA - in the classes of double bass, jazz guitar, bass guitar, saxophone and other wind instruments, keyboards, and vocals.

Also, all the master classes will provide an opportunity to develop improvisation and ensemble playing skills. Prospective musicians who play other instruments are also invited to apply for the master classes to supplement their knowledge and learn to play and improvise in ensembles. To participate in the festival master classes, it is requested to fill the application form, which can be found on the website of Luznava manor until June 25, 2021. Those interested can participate in the master classes as both active participants and free listeners. The number of participants in the master classes is limited, therefore the selection of participants is expected.

The idea of a jazz festival at Luznava Manor emerged in September 2018, when the Jazz Music Department, headed by a young jazz musician and composer Toms Lipskis, was established at the Jānis Ivanovs Rezekne Music School. When Toms started working in Latgale, he had an idea to create a jazz festival in Luznava and took over the artistic production of the future festival. At the end of the summer 2018, two concert programs in Luznava Manor's venue "Culture Shed" were performed, thus marking the time and place for the future jazz festival. Unfortunately, in the autumn of the same year, Tom passed away. To honour the work he had started, the first Baltic jazz festival “Škiuņa džezs” with the motto "Continuation!" took place in Luznava Manor in August 2019. The artistic director of the festival, trombonist, active and experienced jazz musician Lauris Amantovs with the enthusiasm continues the festival ideas and maintains them for the third year in a row together with the Luznava manor team. This year as well, the festival "Škiuņa džezs" will be a continuation of the commenced inspirations, a continuation of jazz music in Latgale, a continuation of transferring the knowledge of experienced jazz musicians to young people.

Wednesday, 25th August
  • 20:00 Trio Lipskis/Justs/Arbidāns. TAIDS DŽEZS. Opening of the Festival – 4.00 €
  • 21:00 Jam session of master class teachers and students – Admission is free

Thursday, 26th August

  • 20:00 Jam session of master class teachers and students – Admission is free

Friday, 27th August

  • 18:00 David Chevallier Trio (FR). Accoustic folk-jazz – 4.00 €
  • 19:30 Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse and Lauris Amantovs Jazz Quartet (LV). KATRAM SAVA TAUTASDZIESMA – 4.00 €  
  • 21:00 The Ciel Experience (US) 4.00 €  
  • 22:00 Jam session of master class teachers and students – Admission is free

Saturday, 28th August

  • 14:00 Concert of the festival master class ensembles – 4.00 €
  • 18:00 Kestutis Vaiginis Quartet (LT) 4.00 €  
  • 19:30 Shabat Quartet (EE) – 4.00 €
  • 21:00 Final concert of the festival. Rezekne Big Band and soloists Vita Rusaityte (LT), Artis Orubs (LV), Kestutis Vaiginis (LT), Jaan Janson (EE) un Ara Yaralyan (EE) – 4.00 €


  • Jam session of master class teachers and students – Admission is free
  • Single concert ticket – 4.00 €
  • One day ticket (27th or 28th August)  – 8.00 €
  • Festival ticket for two days (27.–28.08) – 15.00 €