Luznava Manor is located at the territory of Razna National Park. The manor is surrounded by a 23.7 ha large landscape park with a 2.6 ha large system of seven ponds where fish were bred at the times of the Kerbedzs. There is the environmental art object "Ābele" (The Apple Tree) and a statue of Madonna in the park where Saint Maria is depicted; it was created by an Italian artist of unknown origin. During WWII, the statue was mutilated and pushed into a pond. In 1991, a new bronze sculpture of the Madonna of Luznava was made.  It is the diploma work of Ligija Vroņevska, a graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia. Nowadays the park has a renovated ~ 1 km long tourist walking path. The path is covered with crushed stone and is lit by lamps. The park has a large diversity of tree species. There are snake spruces, nut trees, hornbeams, Siberian larches and cedars. The manor park has walking paths as well as paths with elements of active recreation. You can learn about the natural and cultural values of the park through an environmental game, but swings and children`s playground are available for leisurely rest. Luznava Manor is also a home for several rare bats. The manor is inhabited by the brown long-eared bat, the soprano pipistrelle, the pond bat, and Nathusius` pipistrelle.