A place to feel inspired

The Sensory Garden of Luznava Manor is an oasis of surprises that invites every visitor to be inspired by the beauty of nature and indulge in unique sensations. The garden blends human creativity and nature harmoniously, providing unforgettable moments and inspiring at every step.

The Garden of Feelings, located at Luznava Manor, was created as a part of the “Versts full of Feeling in Eastern Latvia”/ “Sajūtu pilnas verstis Austrumlatvijā” VERSTS OF FEELINGS 2 - The cross-border cooperation program for 2014-2020 is being implemented and co-financed by the European Union. This publication has been prepared with the financial support of the European Union. Luznava Manor is solely responsible for its content. The opinions expressed do not reflect those of the European Union.


In a specially designed thuja maze, one can experience the harmony between nature's design and human creativity. Each turn presents an opportunity to discover new ways to connect with oneself and nature.


The Kerbedzu family, who were the creators of Luznava Manor and its complex, were known for their support of homeopathy. As a result, the Garden of Senses was designed to promote a diverse range of plants that could inspire new approaches to cooking, natural aesthetics, and health improvement. In a circular area, visitors can explore over 40 different plants that are commonly found in Latvian meadows and gardens. By scanning the QR code, visitors can learn more about the properties and uses of each plant.


The garden gazebo is a tranquil haven for introspection, meditation, and quality time with loved ones, offering a chance to escape the surrounding cacophony and connect with nature.

Getting to know the Garden of the Senses

During the summer of 2021, the concept of the garden of senses was presented at the mini-art picnic held at Luznava manor.

Herb gardens were a common feature in the parks of ancient manors, and Luznava manor wants to continue this tradition by creating a garden that interweaves the feelings of culture, community, herbs, medicinal plants, and other garden events. Visitors to the garden are invited to participate by sharing the garden's seeds, sprouts, and nurturing the variety of crops.

The garden of feelings is part of the cross-border cooperation project "630 Versts of Feelings" under the Latvian-Russian cross-border cooperation program 2014-2020.

Select the starting point for your journey.

As you leave the manor park, you have a few options to explore. You can either enter the labyrinth right away and try to find your way through it, eventually reaching the plant area. Alternatively, you can start at the center of the Garden of Senses and take your time to enjoy the scents and colors of the 40 plant collection. Or, you can relax in the gazebo of the Garden of Feelings, observe the garden, listen to the birds singing and reflect on your feelings. Finally, flip the page to select one of the activities available - thuja maze, plant collection, or plant games.

Thuja maze

The first recorded mention of garden labyrinths dates back to the 14th century. These mazes were usually made of hedges or could be made on a lawn, and sometimes with flowers. They were transparent and easy to walk through, and did not require much patience. Individual labyrinths were created in Europe as early as the 15th century, but became more widespread in the 16th century. The Luznava Manor's Garden of Senses maze was planted in the fall of 2023 with 800 thuja trees.

A plant collection

What is the name of this plant? How can it be used? You can visit the Garden of Feelings and scan the square codes on the plant labels for information on the plant's origin, usage, and medicinal or taste properties. Alternatively, you can first study the catalog of the collection and then try to find the relevant plants in the raised beds of the Garden of Feelings.

Garden games

Whether you're planning to visit the Garden of the Senses alone or with company, or you're a teacher taking your class there, or even a parent who wants to passionately introduce their children to this tourist attraction and get them excited about it, the following sections will be helpful to you. You can take a test to learn the names of plants in Latgali, complete one of the creative tasks, or try a small self-analysis session to connect with your emotions. The garden is both a game and a tool to help you tune in to positive emotions.

A place with history

The Garden of Senses is located in a former sports stadium site that was built after the relocation of Rezekne Agricultural Polytechnic. Sports classes, competitions and camps took place there, along with military training exercises, motorbike and car driving lessons.

Dabas Koncertzāle (Nature's Concert Hall)

In June 2016, Dabas Koncertzāle (Nature's Concert Hall), an annual event that welcomes audiences every summer, took place here, introducing a new generation of nature lovers to this beautiful corner of Latvian nature. The concert attracted more than 6,000 visitors and was dedicated to Luznava Manor’s mascot – the long-eared bat (Plecotus Auritus).

This material has been prepared with the financial support of the European Union. Luznava Manor is fully responsible for its content and may not reflect the opinion of the European Union.


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