At the end of 2023, a thuja maze was created in the Senses Garden of Luznava Manor Park.

Be prepared to be amazed when you least expect it.

The maze is a popular tourist attraction, drawing thousands of visitors who come to get lost in its winding paths. Although getting lost is not typically associated with positive emotions, many green labyrinths around the world prove otherwise with their intriguing passages. The maze at Luznava Manor is not so large that one can get lost in it, and the 800 thuja trees that have recently been planted are still small, but they will grow to human height within 3-4 years. At that point, we hope to see an impenetrable hedge that will make navigating the maze even more challenging and exciting.

The maze has three entrances, all of which are equipped with ramps. This makes it easy for mothers with babies in strollers and visitors in wheelchairs to enter. The width of the aisles is also designed to allow easy movement for those with strollers or wheelchairs.

Please note that the total length of the maze passages is over 500 meters. Additionally, the average time it takes to exit the maze is up to 10 minutes.

To ensure the preservation of the plant beds, kindly refrain from climbing on them. Please use only the designated paths for walking within the maze.


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